Platbos indigenous forest | Africa´s Southernmost forest | Baviaanspoort Hills, Grootbos Road between Gansbaai and Hermanus

Forest Life

Fauna in Platbos Forest

The longer we work and live in the forest, the more we discover about it. Here then, are the beginings of our ongoing learning.

Platbos is home to numerous mammal, bird, reptile and invertebrate animal species who rely on the forest for food and shelter. Most of the trees bear edible fruits and seeds, and in addtion, the forest canopy provides much needed protection and fodder for visiting buck species since the surrounding natural environment is increasingly giving way to agriculture, alien invasive vegetation, and grazing fields for cattle. Copyright: SA TourismAccording to C.J. Skead, Platbos is probably the south-western limit of the stately but shy bushbuck, and it is an important habitat for the endangered, red-data listed Leopard Toad.

Leopards are shy members of the cat family and are rarely seen in the wild. Their presence in the kloofs and mountainous areas nearby to Platbos is confirmed by their spoor and deep scaring of tree trunks matching their powerful claws.

Birds in the forest and surrounds

African dusky flycatcher Cape crow Guinea Fowl
African fish eagle Cape batis Hadeda ibis
African Harrier-Hawk Cape bulbul Heron
African Hoopoe Cape canary Knysna Wood Pecker
African paradise flycatcher Cape eagle owl Laughing dove
Amethyst African Black Sunbird Cape francolin Olive thrush
Bar throated apalis Cape robin Olive bush shrike
Barn Owl Cape sparrow Pin-tailed whydah
Blue crane Cape turtle dove Rameron pigeon
Blue-mantled crested flycatcher Cape wagtail Sombre Greenbul
Black Saw Wing Swallow Cape white-eye Southern boubou
Brown-hooded kingfisher Eagle Owl Southern double-
Burchell's coucal Fiscal shrike collared sunbird
Cardinal Wood Pecker Forest Buzzard Speckled Mousebird


Aardvark Cape molerat Mountain Reedbuck
African wild cat Caracal Porcupine
Baboon Common duiker Scrub hare
Bat spp Genet (large- and small-spotted) Small grey mongoose
Bushbuck Grey Rhebok Steenbok
Bontebok Honey badger Striped polecat
Cape grysbok Leopard

Reptiles & Amphibians

Snakes (most are either harmless* to humans or like the boomslang and cobra, very shy and retiring)
Aurora house snake* Common slug eater* Puff adder
Boomslang (Tree Snake) Mole snake*  
Cape cobra Olive house snake*  
Leopard toad Raucous toad Tree frogs
Parrot-beaked tortoise    

Caracal caught in the Platbos camera trap"Caught on Camera" at Platbos: the beautiful and illusive Caracal (Rooikat / Lynx). Read more in Touch Wood, our Autumn 2011 Newsletter
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